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Polytechnic College’s 2013 Opening Ceremony

| Date:2013-09-16

 On the morning of September 3rd, over 3700 freshmen from all over China gathered on football field on Middle Campus and the 2013 Opening Ceremony was held.

vice-president Wang Xi zhao, Vice director of Party and government Xue Xiaoping, Dean of studies Zhang Bing zhu, Director of student An Li feng, Secretary of the Communist Youth League school Wang Xiao feng, Director of the office of enrollment and employment Liu
Li gong were all present. Executive vice president of the College Liu Chao ying conducted the ceremony. Secretary of the party committee Zhang Li zhong, Deputy secretary and vice president Cao Hong fei, vice president Hao Feng su, Ge Zhen dong, Xue Ling zhi and several other department head were present and seated on the rostrum.

On the ceremony, vice-president Wang Xi zhao made a speech and welcomed all the freshmen. He said, Polytechnic College would give every freshman guidance of life and studies as a lighthouse. President Wang shared his own experiences and thoughts about university life, and expressed his sincere wishes for the freshmen as a mentor: first of all, make attitude adjustment and get into the role of college student as soon as possible; secondly, be diligent in thinking and learn how to learn; thirdly, Improve the comprehensive quality and promote all-round development; fourthly, strengthen the personal cultivation and learn to behave oneself. Finally, President Wang encouraged the freshers to study hard and be creative to make a colorful youth.
Professor Zhao Xiao lan also made a speech as a representative of teachers and gave her best wishes to the freshmen; Du Yue peng as representative of undergraduate students and Li Chang as representative of freshmen gave speeches as well. 
The Opening Ceremony came to the end with sincere wishes of Executive vice president of the College Liu Chao ying and great hopes of the freshmen.